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LEKOL SITWAYEN, an apolitical and non-confessional social organization

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Founded on May 18, 2019, in the commune of Delmas by a group of dedicated, competent and experienced young Haitians, LEKOL SITWAYEN is a non-political and non-sectarian social organization that advocates for an egalitarian society in law, solidaristic and responsible.

LEKOL SITWAYEN, non-religious and non-profit apolitical social organization, which advocates for a peasant society through social cohesion, is a collective structure bringing together young people from the country and the diaspora to intervene in all societal fields to facilitate the development of Haiti.

This organization of savvy and conscientious young people takes into account the reality of the country, the deterioration of morality, the depreciation of local culture, the loss of control of the education system and the inability of leaders to converge on real and sustainable social development projects in the country.

LEKOL SITWAYEN works to strengthen the Haitian community with young people, local elected officials (CASECs, ASECs, City Delegates and Mayors) and cooperates with local and international NGOs working in the social, cultural, educational and economic spheres in Haiti.

With a vision of a Haiti focused on justice, enforcement and compliance, LEKOL SITWAYEN opts for a Haiti where the life of the citizens has value for all for a balanced society project integrated into a sustainable development plan and decentralized, based on the collective interests of the nation.

LEKOL SITWAYEN struggles to rebuild Haiti while protecting cultural and environmental values; advocates for a better form of technical education in Haiti with effective reinforcement in the MENFP and INFP programs; promotes national production as a key factor for economic development; conducts awareness campaigns on the prevention of contagious and infectious diseases, natural disasters and the protection of the environment.

The creation of a LEKOL SITWAYEN Technical Training Center; of a workshop of art, culture, reading and research as well as the establishment of a cooperative of education and formation of young people, remain the projects of future of LEKOL SITWAYEN.

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